Sniper’s Hide Moves To The Scout Network



A Message From Frank Galli:

Sniper’s Hide has Moved to the Scout Network

In case you missed it, earlier in the month Sniper’s Hide has moved the site to the Scout Network.

Contrary to popular belief we did not sell the site, but entered into a deal to host the website over at Scout. In the short term this may seem like a radical move, however the long term plans to grow Sniper’s Hide with the help of Scout will become evident to all.
The Downside of the Move

There are some immediate downsides, however this is strictly short term.  First the website, we are currently working a brand new site that will be launched in the first quarter of 2015.  There is a lot happening on the software side, and much of that work is not active yet.  We understand this and please realize, this is a work in progress.  Nothing is complete, what you see is NOT what you are getting.  We are adding features weekly and will continue to put missing features back. Many have already noticed the changes. 

Logging on,

In order to log on for the first time, members must use their email addresses from the original Sniper’s Hide website to recover their password. Passwords did not transfer over. So use the password recovery with your email address to log on before attempting to use your user name.   Once you are logged on, you can then relink your User Name. Many user names are already taken within the network so a modification of your User Name maybe necessary. For example, “Lowlight” was already active on the network so I changed mine too: “SHLowlight” … real simple. Once that is complete you can log on and post under your user name.
Change is Progress,

Understand this is a new server and new network. The old information from Sniper’s Hide was not lost, but it was not moved over.  We had over 3 Million posts on the original site, and we did not lose any of it. However in order to access your old account, posts, or private messages, you need to return to the old site.  The old will remain accessible by changing, .com to .info.  So use to log on there.  The new site is brand new, we are repopulating it with a ton of the best posts, and guys have really stepped up to make it work. We have added a lot of data, for example the reloading depot is much cleaner with a lot of the best loads for you to use.

No, you don’t have to pay,

Many have mistaken the premium content information to mean you now have to pay to access Sniper’s Hide. This is not true, the premium content only pertains to the Online Training. This is the same thing we had before, however with your premium content account you have access to the Online Training, plus all the Scout Content benefits and deals they offer.  Also with a premium content membership you get a subscription to Warrior Magazine. 


It’s true, you can’t search the New Site for Old Information. You have to use the old site for that. Google is catching up with the changes and has already started relinking the old content and the new content so they will work. This is exactly the same as the change from UBB Threads to vBulletin. They used two different link structures and many forget that it took a while to convert the UBB Links to the vBulletin format. Same thing here, it is already working and you can easily search the site same as before. Use AND _______ (Search Term) and you will see it works as long as you looking for something that actually exists on the new site.  It’s the difference between search 3 million posts and 10,000 posts. That old data just might not be there, so if you have a question ask.

While the benefits are not readily apparent, believe me when I say, we would not have made this drastic of a move if there was not a long term benefit for all.  In order to grow the sport, we have to open up our reach, and Scout Network puts us right in the center of a very large sports network.  Make no mistake, shooting is a sport. If others see it as mainstream it’s a lot harder to attack as extreme.  We have a plan, a direction and not everything can be discussed at this time, believe us, the plan in place and moving forward.

I understand this is not for everyone, and many can careless about other sports out there. No problem, nobody is saying you have to look. But under the “Warrior” banner, there are a lot of really cools sites being added. I especially enjoy the military history pages.

Sure, we’re asking for a leap of faith, but understand this is the 5th change in the history of Sniper’s Hide. We had just as many complaints about the vBulletin move if not a bunch more. So like that, which took 9 months to change and improve, this will change and improve.

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