HSGI Adds Belt Mounted Pouches and Woodland Camo To Their Product Line

Our friends in Swansboro have been busy and continuing the tradition of making some of the best tactical gear on the planet with the introduction of belt mounted TACOs and a “new” pattern, Woodland Camo – when I saw that I became misty-eyed and nostalgic but yes it is true Woodland is now available.

Now there are a lot of people out there that will tell you Company X’s kit is great blah, blah. Folks the proof is, as they say,  in the pudin’ and this is my kit…


I’ll reiterate, High Speed Gear Inc. out of Swansboro, NC produces a superb product.

Candidly, there were quite a few times when I did not want to wear a drop leg arrangement and simply wanted something that will mount on my belt. HSGI heard its customers and introduced product to address the requirement.

HSGI’s entire pouch line now has a belt mount counterpart!

But, I don’t know about the Woodland Camo part of this equation as I have nothing to wear. Well, I may still have a set of BDUs somewhere…

In closing, Christmas is nearly upon us and HSGI is top of the line so pay their new website a visit and do some of your shopping early this year.



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