3 Percenter Grips Celebrate Those Who fought In our War of Independence


Brighton, CO, late November 2014 Rio Grande Custom Grips announces a new patriotic theme grip for 1911 frame pistols and various revolvers. www.riograndecustomgrips.com


Rio Grande Custom Grips created these new3 Percenter grips for those folks who want to honor and celebrate the history of those who fought in our War of Independence. Three Percenters were the courageous 3 percent of the population who actually took up arms to fight and defeat the British and achieve independence for the United States.


The 3 Percenter image grips are new to the compact-frame 1911s but they are also available for the usual variety of popular revolvers and full-size 1911-type semi-autos.


Rio Grande Custom Grips produces more than 100 illustrated handgun grips (also known as stocks) for revolvers and pistols. Using a proprietary patented process, the company can put most any image, illustration and/or verbiage on a handgun grip. Rio Grande can also create custom images from artwork or from photographs.  


Made from molded, high-strength specialized polymer, the good looking grips are colorful, tough and durable and, because the images are encased in the polymer, they resist salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion.


“Neat-looking grips dress up any handgun,” says Bryan Chambers, V.P. of Rio Grande Custom Grips. “Our grips allow the owner to make a personal statement or show off some great artwork enhancing the look of their handgun.”


MSRP: 1 pair $64.95, 2-5 pairs $54.95 each plus shipping and handling.


Rio Grande offers volume pricing for individuals, clubs and organizations who may want to have their own logo or artwork on their revolver or pistol grips.


Rio Grande Custom Grips is seeking retail outlets; however, the grips are available now direct from the company at www.riograndecustomgrips.com:


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