Another True Story – An iPhone Moron

Two day’s ago, I was struck by hunger pain, so I shut down the printing press and went out to get some grub at a local hole in the wall – excellent food and great prices. Driving to the restaurant requires that I travel north on a one-way 4 lane street (i.e major thoroughfare) . Three minutes into the journey, a guy holding an iPhone in his left hand and directly in front of his face turns south into the northbound flow of traffic. Not only did he turn the wrong way on a one-way street but he drove for a block and a half before ever realizing what was happening. People screaming and leaping out of the way while the moron text on his iPhone. It was close enough where I could see him typing with his thumb.

Where is O’Reily when you need him? Nowhere; probably drinking lattes…


         This has been another true story!

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