U.S. Army Would Like Its Members To Participate In A Survey

Operating in tropical regions means that you will come in contact with every species of fungus, parasite and bacteria imaginable. If you think you’ve had a case of athlete’s foot and/or jockitch in gym class wait until you start operating in the tropics. So, to understand the dynamics of field hygiene and antimicrobial treatments Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center would like you to participate in a survey. The idea is to get as large a sample as possible so that the data collected becomes meaningful. Please participate and be serious minded with your participation. The data collected will have a positive impact one you. NCOs be sure to get your folks online to complete this survey.

This is the link to the survey https://surveys2.natick.army.mil/Surveys/antimic.nsf ; the server hosting the survey is behind a firewall so you will need a computer with a CAC address to open and complete the survey. It is important for you guys and gals,  so do a good job with that survey.

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