STAR WARS Episode VII or DOD’s 5 Year Business Plan

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit is an open discussion on who knocked who off. If you’ve seen the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer, just released today, you can observe some similarities between it an what the DoD sees as a future direction.

Right off the bat we see a guy dressed as an Imperial Storm Trooper, or is he perhaps a test pilot for USSOCOM’s TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) project?

Next we see an R2D2 variant rolling across the sands all of which is remarkably similar to the DoD’s  UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle).

How about the speeder, can you imagine what the SEALs could do with that. Check some of the mobility initiatives that USSSOCOM has in the works.

Did you check out the X-wing fighters screaming across the screen just feet above the water, it is what the Air Force would like to see the F-35 do.

So who knocked who off?


Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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