Live Fire Gear 550 Fire Cord


If you are anything like me, when I head to the great outdoors I have 550 Paracord handy. Next to Zippo lighters it is amazing stuff. I always laugh when I watch online reviews of knives where the reviewer suggests that the knife can be latched down to a pole for hunting in a survival situation. I come from a school of thought that says the last thing you want to do is harpoon an animal using the only tool you have at your disposal. So, what has been suggested to me, and seems to work quite well, is to use a manageable tree branch whittle one end down to s sharp point then use 550 paracord to balance it towards the tip. So, the boots that I use have paracord shoe laces as does my pack and/ or drag bag Amazing stuff!

Live Fire Gear just completed a successful Kickstarter launch and they have introduce some very special 550 cord, which they brand as 550 Fire Cord. Unlike the normal 550 paracord, the internals of the Fire Cord are combustible and can be used for tinder to get those cozy fires going.  The internal strands are also waterproof. 550 Fire Cord is available in all the mil colors including Multicam  and a host of other. It will set you back $12.49 for a 25 foot hank. I’ll be checking it out for our readers, but do give it a shot, it looks pretty darned interesting.

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Live Fire Gear was founded by Adam Francis and Roger Fandrich.

About Roger

U.S. Marine / Survivalist / Inventor, of 4 products being sold internationally to include Live Fire – Emergency Fire Starters, as well as 550 FireCord to be released soon! Loving Husband and proud father of 3 daughters and 2 step daughters. Roger Fandrich was born September 1972. Roger spent his entire childhood in the small county of Amador, located in the foothills of the Mokelumne Wilderness. On April 20th, 1992, Roger joined the United States Marine Corps where he served 4 years. Nine months of which was spent overseas where he participated with ‘Operation Restore Hope’ in Somalia and ‘Operation Uphold Democracy’ in Haiti. In August of 2010, Roger began extensively researching wilderness self reliance and deeply immersing himself into the self reliance community. As a U.S. Marine, Roger has maintained the “adapt, improvise and overcome” mindset that all survivalists must embrace in order to survive the most daunting challenges. Roger’s most inspirational person is his Grandfather, Roger William Thayer, a master of adaptation and overcoming barriers through ingenuity and resourcefulness.

About Adam

Adam is the founder and owner of Equip 2 Endure LLC. He is the creator and author of hundreds of informative and educational videos, podcasts, and articles. Equip 2 Endure encompasses multifaceted topics to include; wilderness/urban survival, bushcrafting, K-9 and firearm training, general outdoor adventuring, professional and leadership development. Prior to his Law Enforcement career, Adam majored in Philosophy and Criminal Justice during his undergraduate studies. His interests include philosophy, logic, ethics, theology, psychology, theoretical physics, history, and art. Husband and loving father of three. Adam has maintained a disciplined focus on the art of firecraft, bushcraft, construction of primitive shelters, and emergency survival training. Using Equip 2 Endure, he has developed training mythos on both philosophical theory and scientific principle. Adam has outlined and refined his concepts of survival and self reliant theories in reference to the Equip 2 Endure teaching and training system. What separates Equip 2 Endure from other mainstream organizations is our focus on the theory of the “Survival Economy of Resources”, giving and applying the most efficient and effective teaching methods to maximize the learning process of his students, so they are practically prepared for any situation!

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