Senate Select Committee On Intelligence–Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Programs

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit is on the recent Senate Intelligence Committee’s Study of C.I.A. practices in conducting interrogations. The Executive Summary, a document of 528 pages, was released two days ago. I’m reading it but it’s going to take a while to get through it. However, I’m far enough along to reach the conclusion that it served no purpose releasing the Committee Study to the public. I say that because in blows an hole in the heart of the country’s intelligence gathering apparatus. It takes years to develop human assets and to form intelligence gathering partnerships; although,  the report has been scrubbed, it offers a sufficient amount of detail to be damaging. It’s important for a world leader to say “mea culpa” when it serves a purpose but one needs to demonstrate better judgment and avoid shooting yourself in the foot. You have to ask, what purpose does it serve.

I believe, the matter could have been dealt with internally; making public disclosure(s) that address variances or inconsistencies from and with laws and/or  policy, along with specific action taken to resolve them.

As a voter it leaves me wondering as to its real motivation .

As always, let us know what your thoughts are.

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!

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