Just In Time For Christmas LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser


The LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme® Laser Pistol. With instant laser feedback anyone can practice trigger control anywhere and anytime with the realistic feel, balance and weight of the LT-TTL. The Trigger Tyme® laser pistol cannot accept or fire any ammunition, therefore it is completely safe to use in any location.


With a simulated 5.5 lb. trigger pull, approximate size of a GLOCK 19, a realistic trigger take up and break action, the LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme® pistol with integrated muzzle laser is activated by the pull of the trigger that will indicate the impact of the laser dot on any of the LaserLyte® Trainer Targets. The LT-TTL can be used to build confidence with sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy, drawing and re-holstering from traditional and concealed carry holsters.

For more information, visit www.laserlyte.com.

LaserLyte® LT-TTL Specifications:

  • Power Output:                                     650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
  • Activation:                                             Trigger activated
  • Batteries:                                               3 x A76
  • Battery Life:                                          50,000 shots
  • Weight:                                                  15 ounces
  • Material:                                                High impact ABS polymer
  • Length:                                                  7.25 inches
  • Width:                                                    1.15 inches
  • Height:                                                   5.50 inches          
  • MSRP:                                                    $149.95
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