Nuclear Protection Security Forces Issued The M150 ACOG


The TA31RCO-M150CP is presently in use by the U.S. Army and SOF units. The optic provides 4x magnification designed specifically for the 14.5 inch M4 carbine. It incorporates a dual illumination system using a combination of fiber optics and self-luminous tritium. This allows the aiming point to always be illuminated without the use of batteries. The tritium illuminates the aiming point in total darkness, and the fiber optic self-adjusts reticle brightness during daylight according to ambient light conditions. This allows the operator to keep both eyes open while engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness.

The reticle pattern allows quick target acquisition at close combat ranges with enhanced target identification and hit probability out to 800 meters utilizing the Bullet Drop Compensator. No tools are needed for windage and elevation adjustments because the TA31RCO features external adjusters, making it waterproof up to 11m without the caps.

When the Air Force transitioned from the M16 to the M4, airmen and other security personnel were limited to the M68 red dot optic, which offered no magnification. The need for magnified optics was communicated to the Air Force Global Strike Command Force Improvement Program  and the M150 was selected to fill that gap. Airmen tasked with providing security at the nation’s nuclear stockpiles will be issued the new optic. The move is expected to improve security as well as force moral.

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