Two NYPD Officers Slain

It’s both sad and troubling having to digest that two NYPD officers were mercilessly slain today while doing nothing more than sitting in a patrol car. To say that I’m bothered by that is an understatement, but even more troubling is the lack of support Mayor Bill de Blasio has shown for his own police force. I hate to think his lack of support for his officers was a catalyst for this tragic event.

More worrisome is that the stage has been set for exposure to other police departments across the country, requiring the need to guard against copycat activity. However, in addition to the usual Holiday Season uptick, they are going to have to lookout for themselves, and that is regrettable.

I’d like to think that the senseless murder of these officers was merely the work of a genetic defect that ended up taking his own life, but it certainly seems plausible that the recent protests and Mayor’s position may have ignited the fuse.

I want to encourage all of my readers to reach out to the NYPD Commissioner’s Office to extend condolences and offer whatever financial assistance you see as appropriate to the families of the fallen officers, it’s the very least we can do. And while you’re at it, do something nice for a cop throughout this Christmas week. It doesn’t take a heck of a lot to make them feel appreciated and part of the communities they work in.

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