Rudy Project Eyewear


Rudy Project, is an Italian crafter of performance eyewear since 1985. At the upcoming SHOT Show, they’ll be demoing Rudy Project’s latest design in protective lenses: ImpactX™2, is a new generation of unbreakable photochromic lenses. Compared to the previous generation of ImpactX™, the new ImpactX™2 lenses offers:

· 25% Faster activation

· Activation in all natural light, including behind surfaces which screen UV Rays such as windows or car windshields

  • More Temperature Stability, by up to 20%
  • Increased Photochromic Range with up to 65% higher performance
  • Higher efficiency UV ray absorption
  • High Dynamic Range Filters for eye popping lens clarity and perfect visual acuity.

ImpactX™2 lenses are the first in the world to automatically lighten and darken from a semitransparent tone to a specific color (red, black, brown) according to light conditions and your specific shooting requirements. They can also be crafted with your prescription by digitally surfacing the back side of the lens. Even reader and no-line bifocals can be made into ImpactX™2 lenses!

Booth: 31207

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