Consumer Electronics Show Gets A Peek At Tracking Point’s 338 TrackingPoint (338TP)

Code-named ‘Mile Maker’, Tracking Points’s 338 TP  features the patented ‘tag and shoot’ technology affording shooters a more precise platform capable of delivering an accurate shot at ranges of up to one mile. The tag and shoot technology ranges, compensates for target movement and calculates external ballistics automatically.

The 338TP can wirelessly stream real-time shot video that is visible in digital shooting glasses, a la Google Glass. TrackingPoint uses the Recon Instrument Jet, which runs on a dual core processor running Tracking Point’s ShotView software. The Jet is GPS enabled, supports both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and comes with an HD camera.

The shooting glasses enable users to shoot around corners and covered positions. The Bluetooth and WiFi enabled glasses allow for peer-to-peer networking with other shooters. The system also allows users to record video and voice for later review or to share with others.

Pricing is till quite high at over $27,000 for the system but that’s relative when compared with the level of sophistication delivered. BTW, that does include the rifle , which is specially modified with trigger sensors.

Advanced orders have begun in January 2015 and shipments will begin in June.

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