Charlie Hebdo’s 14 January 2015 Cover



Tout Est Pardonne’ , which translates to “Everything Is Forgiven” speaks volumes to the events that have unfolded in France over the past week; yet, we continue to see media stereotype a world religion by the actions of thugs and that’s sad as it does nothing to shed light, but makes reform that much more difficult to achieve.

Young Muslims across the world are being hoodwinked into to believing that Islam is under attack and that martyrdom is a solemn duty and only way out of a present circumstance. What Muslim youth needs to see, and understand, is that Islam’s true future does not hinge on martyrs but in the moms and dads they will be, in the children they will raise, in the doctors, lawyers and teachers they will become, in the science and engineering they will advance and in the leadership they will provide. Armed with that knowledge perhaps the youth of Islam will see through a recruiter’s smoke and mirrors a reality that screams “die so I can rise to power,” and their unified response will be a resounding “Après Vous!”

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