SmartRounds ™ Non-Lethal Smart Bullets


SmartRoundsare non-impact, non-lethal and can be fired from a 12 gauge shotgun and will give military, law enforcement and others the option of choosing from several different shotgun launchers depending on the target and mission. These smart bullets are powerful and effective, and use MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology and a CMOS image sensor to activate the projectiles before they reach the target.


Press Release

BRIGHTON, CO – SmartRounds Technology, LLC “SRT” of Brighton, Colorado announced today their new 18mm non-impact, non-lethal smart bullets. These micro-controlled patent pending smart bullets will initially be available in two versions. A ShockRoundand a PepperRound. Each one is equipped with two solid state micro-sensors that turn ON the round when fired, and activate the round millisecs before impact. These projectiles are designed to be fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun at 450 feet per second and have a range of 100 yards. Both are lightweight, carbon fiber projectiles that produce a low-recoil which allows them to be fired from various 12 gauge shotgun formats. The ShockRound produces a flash-bang and nitrogen gas shock wave that disables the assailant. The PepperRound produces a flash-bang and a capsaicin cloud that causes a burning sensation to the eyes and throat rendering the assailant unable to continue.

The MEMS accelerometer sensor and the CMOS image sensor along with the micro-controller give either round the “smarts” to produce a powerful non-impact and non-lethal effect. A very fast proprietary chemical produces the hyperbaric nitrogen gas shock wave millisecs before impact. Unlike less-lethal weapons that rely on hitting the target to deliver kinetic energy and considerable pain to disable the assailant, these projectiles do not make contact, which makes these bullets truly non-lethal.

Our smart bullets will forever change the landscape for the use of non-lethal weapons by military forces, law enforcement and others worldwide. When it is necessary to useSmartRounds the community and law enforcement will have peace of mind that there will likely not be fatal consequences.” Nick Verini – CEO SmartRounds Technology.

Because these smart bullets are fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun someone adequately trained in the use of these weapons will need minimal training to become proficient in their use. Both rounds will be produced in the USA.

A computer animation video is available that shows both smart rounds in action in three different scenarios; military, law enforcement and homeowner.

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