Magpul Introduces PMAG17 GL9 and PMAG D60 At SHOT SHOW 2015

The PMAG D60 is a 60 round drum magazine for the AR platform and other weapon systems using the AR magazine well and retention mechanism. This design overcomes the problem most cited with the Surefire high capacity magazines, which is its length. The PMAG D60  extends no further than the standard issue 30 round magazine so firing from prone position is unimpaired. Unofficial M.S.R.P. is $129.95


Next up is the PMAG17 GL9 which is MAGPUL’s rendering of the Glock 17 round 9mm magazine. It has a number of features like a high-viz follower, anti-tilt, removable floor plate, stainless spring.  Unofficial M.S.R.P. $15.95


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