Aimpoint’s Micro T2 Media Day At The Range SHOT SHOW 2015


On my list of must see for this year’s Media Day At The Range was Aimpoint’s Micro T2, the company’s latest Micro reflex sight since they were first introduced in 2007.  Generally speaking, product evolution is approached in incremental improvements to existing products, which is not the case with the Micro T2. Aimpoint threw out the baby with the bath water on this one and designed the T2 from the ground up. There were a number of refinements made that are nice, but ho-hum, until you get to the optics. Aimpoint has redesigned the front lens and incorporated a state of the art coating that works wonders for clarity and visibility of the aiming dot. Simply outstanding. The Micro T2 runs on a common CR-2032 with a battery life of 5 years. Compatibility with Aimpoint’s 3x magnifier and CEU is maintained in the T2 along with any generation NVD support. With a mount your going to pay around $840 but with a little judicious shopping you should be able to get that investment down to right around $750.

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