RUAG SWISS P Ammunition requires no introduction. It is used by the FBI, Secret Service and a number of Special Operations units and specialized law enforcement units around the world. I have personally used the company’s .308 Swiss P and 300 Whisper (a.k.a. 300 Blackout) and lot to lot it has the most consistent performance of any ammunition on the market, and when fired competently virtually zero vertical dispersion. Established customer could recognize RUAG SWISS P from its blue box; going forward, that has changed to a more attractive packaging as show below. It looks great!


geco-hexagon-001RUAG has also introduced a N.A.T.O. spec 124 grain 9 mm round marketed under the GECO Hexagon label. Unique with ammunition is the very tight hollow point and it’s stabilizing grooves. There is a total of  six grooves running along the length of the bullet; hence, its name. GECO Hexagon 9mm ammunition is a match grade product that competes with Magtech and Hornady in performance but at a slightly better price, You’ll want to check it out.


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