If there was ever a year to seriously consider a forklift upgrade to your weapons locker 2015 is certainly the year to do that. As far as features and selection, I’ve never seen more viable choices than what’s available today. Glock for example has introduced their TB (threaded barrel line): G17 TB, G19 TB, G23 TB and G21 SF TB. Glock is shipping the TBs with barrels that are approximately 13.5 millimeters longer than standard Glock barrels. All of the barrels have metric left-hand threading G17 TB, G19 TB are 13.5×1 LH; G23 TB 14.5×1 LH and the G21 SF TB 16×1 LH. From what I was able to observe, all of the TB pistols are a Gen 3 design, so they are missing the dual recoil spring assembly, which makes sense if you want the pistol to cycle reliably with a suppressor installed. The only down side to this scenario is that you’ll experience a heavier recoil impulse when firing unsuppressed. But, remember that one strikes a balance with ANY suppressed weapon.

Another very nice feature of the Glock TB pistols is the addition of tall sights right out of the box. I like the sights as they come from the factory; they’re high enough to get you over the can and very visible.

Official M.S.R.P for the Glock TB pistols:

  • G17 TB $649
  • G19 TB $649
  • G21 TB $687
  • G23 TB $649
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