SIG is unquestionably the juggernaut of the industry. SIG’s growth in both size and depth and breath of product is astonishing. So where to begin is my challenge. How many readers knew that SIG is now in the air gun business?


The company now offers SIG P320, P226, SIG MPX and SIG MCX replicas that are pellet guns. These are available in CO2 or Pre-Charge Pneumatic (PCP). SIG recruited Lou Riley from GAMO to be Managing Director of SIG’s Air Gun Division. I was blown away by the faithfulness of reproduction and the quality of these replicas.

Moving on to the highly anticipated SIG MCX. The rifle will begin shipping late January early February. In fact, as I write this post they should be on the truck en route. The MCX is a completely modular multi-caliber carbine 5.56, 300 BLK and 7.62 x 39. Barrel swaps are amazingly simple. SIG is shipping 9” and 16” barrels. Slide the handguard off and swap out the barrel for different calibers and/or lengths. SIG offers two stock styles, a folding stock and a collapsible buttstock, a la MP5, – there is no buffer tube. One of the many nice features available in the MCX are things like the forward bolt assist, feed ramps, etc. are all replaceable. Failures that would normally trash an M4 upper are not prevalent in the MCX design. An absolutely exceptional carbine that’s been in development for almost 5 years.


Next up is the SIG P320; again a multi-caliber platform in 9mm, .357SIG and .40 S&W; with plans for a .45 ACP conversion kit down the road. Also available in a threaded version.


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