New Product at Beyond Shot:

We would like to thank everyone for stopping by our suite to see the MATBOCK team.  We met a lot of great people and hope everyone had a wonderful time at Shot Show, but more importantly at Beyond Shot.
We now have a name for our new carrier – The MATBOCK Berserker.  If you’re interested in getting samples made for your unit please email us at Please include what you all are currently testing and why you think the MATBOCK Berserker carrier will benefit you and your unit.
We know everyone picked up a ton of catalogs – you can view and download our 2015 MATBOCK Catalog here at
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Brotherhood of War Patches: “Never Forget – Fight”

Over the last few decades, Special Operations Forces (SOF) have been the premier force in multiple conflicts across the globe and this hasn’t come without significant loss. These patches are a symbol of the brotherhood found within SOF.  From Army to Air Force to Navy and the Marines, SOF units have stood by each other during the worst of times. We have all seen first hand fellow brothers make the ultimate sacrifice and these patches are designed to represent two things. First and foremost, they represent our fallen brothers – that we honor their sacrifice and that we are still here fighting for what they believed in.  We remember their families and want to continue to support them after the loss of our brothers and their loved ones.  Second, they remind us that the fight is not over.  There are still individuals out there who would do harm to our friends and families. Our SOF forces will remain the tip of the spear in seeking out and removing those individuals. Our SOF forces do this willingly and we will continue to support them as always.
For each patch sold we will donate 100% of the total sale to Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  This foundation supports all SOF personnel within SOCOM. These patches will be a way to honor your fallen brother and support a great charity.
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“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV
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Getting great GEAR and helping a great CAUSE!

Did you know that 10% of all MATBOCK gear purchases are donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation?? Don’t wait, get all your #flyingfrogofdeath gear TODAY!

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