If you move in precision shooting circles, whether professionally or as an enthusiast, Accu-Shot needs no introduction. The Accu-Shot monopods and more recently the Atlas bipods are ubiquitous. I stopped by Accu-Shot’s booth while at Shot Show to visit with its founder, Kasey Beltz just to see what he’s been up to; with the same pride of a brand new father, Kasey showed off his new Atlas prototype.


The Atlas bipod was embraced by the military as well as the precision rifle enthusiast because of its ability to provide reliable weapon support in uneven terrain, vertical surfaces and a variety of settings where your standard bipod would be at a disadvantage.

The Atlas bipod cants and pans a full 30 degrees, 15 degrees on each plane. The legs have five positions with total travel of 180 degrees – stowed back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward; of course, the legs are adjustable in length and the feet interchangeable. Now, with that bit of background I’m ready to jump into the prototype, which adds an arc to all of the other features mentioned.

So let’s say you break the surface of the water and need to make a shot but the only support available is the hull of a grounded boat. With the prototype, you can position the bipod legs along the boat’s topside then rotate the weapon to acquire a sight picture and engage your target. Or, better yet, you’re from Kentucky and need to go prone at a 90 degree angle to the fall line (Note that I made this up. But, I think you get the picture). Perhaps the best way to encapsulate the concept is by saying that it adds another plane of adjustment.

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