That rumbling you felt was the great disturbance in The Force when Magpul Industries, king of all things polymer, announced its Hunter 700 stock at Shot Show in Las Vegas. This is a Remington 700, short action, drop-in with optional conversion from bottom metal to AICS 5 round magazines. Hell, I was impressed with the preproduction sample on display, so I‘m looking forward to getting eyes on the production version. Given Magpul’s reputation for quality and making things that work you can bet your bottom dollar that April 2015 is worth waiting for; even if it’s actually June 2015. We shall see; however, the thought remains the same. Wait!


At 2.9 lbs. without the action and bottom metal, this is the lightest accessory stock for the Remington 700 platform on the market. The Hunter 700 allows you to keep your Remington bottom metal; however, should you desire to move to a detachable magazine, Magpul offers a conversion kit, available as a $69 option, that will let you go from a box magazine to an AICS compatible detachable magazine. The magazine capacity is limited to 5 rounds for the hunters but I see 10 round magazines not too far into the future.


The stock is made from a reinforced polymer shell with Type III hard anodized aluminum bedding blocks.  It has an adjustable LOP from 13.0”-15.0” with 0.50” spacers and the cheek comb can be adjusted using a cheek riser kits that give you an additional cheek height of 0.25”, 0.50”, or 0.75” The forend is rigid and Magpul heat tests all of its products so shooters all along the sunbelt need not worry about the stock loosing rigidity under a brutal AZ or AL sun. Magpul has also included M-LOK™ slots on forend sides and bottom so you’ll have access to the veritable cornucopia of M-LOK accessories entering the market.


M.S.R.P. $259.95 for the stock and $69.95 for Bolt Action Magazine Well, which gives you  the detachable magazine functionality

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