I’m going to make a prediction right now and that is SIG Sauer Suppressors will have a very successful market entry. Not an easy task given the level of competition in the space mind you. However, SIG is approaching it as a hugely successful firearms designer with tons of manufacturing experience. At first glance, something that struck me as very positive is volume, volume, volume. Suppressors need two important things to be effective, large internal volume and high resistance to expanding gases. I haven’t seen SIG’s baffle stack but volume is certainly there. The rest is all mechanical, specially when discussing QD. Here too SIG has done some very interesting things.


SIG has designated their quick detach (QD) strategy as Taper-LOK. I’ll tell you right now that brain cells were working full-time on this concept. The taper provides two bearing surfaces and any time we engage two surfaces we align concentrically. Secondly, you’ll notice the absence of teeth, so the need for ratchets is eliminated, and with no ratchets come no broken springs or teeth to worry about.  Now, for additional proof of brilliance let’s look at the QD mount, it’s a modular design that can be configured as a muzzle brake or flash suppressor by simply replacing the front end. When using it as a muzzle brake timing it is amazingly simple. Here’s how it goes.

      1. Install the taper and Rocksett
      2. Install the front piece using a crush washer and torque to index.

More good news, cost for the muzzle brake 5.56, 7.62, or 338 is $69


SIG is offering rifle suppressors in four families.

  1. Steel  Direct Thread  ( 5.56mm/$545, 7.62mm/$595, 300 WM/$695)
  2. Steel QD  ( 5.56mm/$645, 7.62mm/$695, 300 WM/$795)
  3. Titanium Direct Thread ( 5.56mm/$745, 7.62mm/$795, 300 WM/$895)
  4. Titanium QD  (5.56 M.S.R.P $845, 7.62 M.S.R.P $895, 300 WM/$995)

Note: All QD suppressors include a muzzle brake


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