If military optics had a Who’s Who, Hensoldt would be at the top of that list. I fully recognize the existence of exceptional quality optics in the market; however, if the day comes when I look out of my kitchen window only to see a large mushroom cloud in the horizon, Hensoldt would be the optic I’d take with me. Yes, they are heavy, but do not, for a second, dismiss the concept of mass being of enormous value under a variety of circumstances. For example, the Hensoldt Spotter 45, shown above, is a 15-45×72 spotting scope with Horus H32 reticle; weighing in at just under 4 lbs. It is stout, no doubt, but its ruggedness and optical clarity is, in this humble writer’s view, unsurpassed. It sells at a princely sum of $4,330 but it is a lifetime investment. There’s also a number of accessories available including a digi-scoping mount for attaching a digital camera to the Spotter 45.


Hensoldt makes several rifle scopes but the model that elevates me to a state of arousal is the  Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26×56. The scope body is compact at 14.5 inches, and features the cleanest looking MRAD reticle that I’ve ever seen. This optic ships with a double-turn elevation turret providing 18 mrad (180 0.1MRAD clicks) of adjustment per rotation for a total of 36 MRAD (126MOA). Unlike other manufacturers using a zero stop, Hensoldt allows you 0.5MRAD below the zero point. All of this exceptional quality comes at a price and this rifle scope is a $7,000 magnified optic. Ah, what an elegant way to top off a Steyr HS.50 M1!  True, I can think of 7 manufacturers producing exceptional optics at half the price of a Hensoldt optic, but It simply does not get better than Hensoldt. A Rolex is nice but a Patek Philippe is so much classier!

In closing, if you are unfamiliar with the Hensoldt brand, you owe it to yourself to get up to speed. Hensoldt is now an Airbus company and well represented in the U.S. by Euro Optics. Check it out!

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