U.S. Tactical Supply hails from Albany, OR but they have a national reputation for being the one-stop shop for military and law enforcement tactical gear. I want to recognize them for having a particularly interesting flair for precision shooter system. The company can supply any need be it Ghillie suits, I2 or thermal weapon sights, magnified optics, tripods and other load bearing systems. More importantly, the folks at U.S. Tactical Supply understand the needs of a tactical MOS and are able to meet them at a moments notice. Your procurement folks will definitely want to add U.S. Tactical Supply to their Rolodex.


PIG Saddle


U.S. Tactical Supply is a national distributor for Shadow Tech LLC, makers of the HOG and PIG saddles. If you’ve ever had second thoughts about the load bearing ability of a PIG saddle this picture should remove all doubts. I put the weight at 22+ pounds without a magazine. Per U.S. Tactical Supply it’s 17 lbs.  without the thermal sight. I also had the opportunity to check out the SSLOOPHOLE Sling, which can be candy cane wrapped around the tripod leg to add stability to the system.


HOG Saddle

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