IMG_1565American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) has been supply advanced high technology optics for just about 20 years. The company calls South San Francisco, CA home. I recently had the opportunity to review the company’s Shot Trak HD, weapon mounted camera, and found it to be a great accessory for hunters and a superb support tool for trainers and individuals looking to improve their technique and marksmanship.

shot trak pistol horiz

The Shot Trak HD is the first video camera to enter the market that was designed form the ground up to be a weapon mounted camera. It uses a 5 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor that does a great job with exposure as well as resolution. The Shot Trak records full HD 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second. The lens provides 5x of magnification and a 20 degree field of view.

ATN Bino X-HDATN also introduced the BinoX-HD 4-16, Day & Night Binoculars. It’s almost an injustice to refer to this device as binoculars because it’s so far ahead of what we normally view as binoculars that it’s a misclassification. Be that as it may, the BinoX-HD is a day/night optic that includes Wi-Fi, Smooth Zoom, records Video and Stills , Compass, a GPS for geotagging your photos, image stabilization, velocity sensor and a built-in microphone for some great audio.

At the heart of these binoculars is a Obsidion Core, which is the CPU that handles concurrent inputs from all of the sensors as well as processing images and video. User preferences are fully programmable for ease of use.

The BinoX-HD should be hitting the shelves Q1 2015, and for sure you’ll want to check them out.


ATN’s X-Sight HD 3-12 x or 5-18 x Day & Night weapon sight has been described as feature rich. The term takes me back to the days when IBM was describing their products using precisely the same language; however, in ATN’s case feature rich takes on new meaning. This is a weapon sight that can be used day or night, built in display, records at  1080p 30fps & 720 at 60fps, altimeter, GPS, support for an SD card up to 32Gb, you can use your iOS or Android device as a remote viewer, 2.65 inches of eye relief, a +or-5 adjustable diopter and more. The X-Sight HD was introduced late in 2014 and also features a built in microphone. Great Technology from ATN!

x-sight horizontal

Last but not least, ATN’s booth ambassadors were also great company. Who needs John Bolton when you have this diplomatic corps representing you. John, we love you around here, but let’s just say that you’ve been outgunned.


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