FNH introduced its newest precision rifle, the SCR 20, at SHOT SHOW 2015. The rifle was specifically designed to meet a U.S. Army solicitation for a more compact 7.62×51 platform. The SCR 20 is an adaptation of the SCAR platform but incorporates a match grade barrel and match grade trigger along with a fully adjustable precision stock. FN is quite comfortable calling it a SUB MOA rifle. The exact date for availability is not yet know, but FN estimates suggest a Q3 or Q4 2015; M.S.R.P. is not available at this time. The SCR 20 will be manufactured at the Columbia, SC FN facility.


One interesting piece of news from FNH that will be of interest to PS90 customers. I spent some time discussing the merits of FN making an SBR version of the PS90 for the commercial customer. Although that’s unlikely to happen in 2015. FNH has been mulling over the feasibility of selling the P90 barrel. Presently, individuals with approved Form 1s send their PS90s out to be chopped; the availability of a factory P90 barrel assembly will make the conversion process much simpler.


The SCAR PDW is a 5.56×45 personal defense weapon designed for  mounted operations or for extreme closer quarter and security details. This gun delivers the terminal effects of the 5.56×45 in a very compact package with selective fire. There’s been some scuttlebutt thrown around that  the SCAR PDW is hard to control in full auto but I’ll be very frank and say that it’s no harder to control than an M4 in full auto. If you need a high degree of control while in full auto you’re pretty much limited to pistol caliber SMGs.  The SCAR PDW is an adaptation of the SCAR16, but lower receiver controls remain consistent with the M4 platform.

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