NBC’s Brian Williams Yeah That’s Right

Thank God It’s Friday and time for another shoot-the-shit topic. Yeah that’s right, a shoot-the shit topic, you know, like the one we had last Friday. Yeah that’s it!

Well folks, I don’t envy Brian Williams; in fact, I feel sorry for the guy. I’m not sure what need he was trying to fill but he sure discredited one of the more prestigious professions in a democracy. What bugs me most is the level of support Williams has received from the media; quite frankly, I wish Stan McChrystal and his staff could have seen the same level of understanding and support.

By everyone’s account Brian Williams is a likeable fellow so I sincerely hope he can pull his life back together again; I mean that wholeheartedly, because right now it must be like an acute case of hemorrhoids.

It looks like NBC’s management may have found a permanent replacement for Brian Williams. So, tells us what you think. Remember that on shoot-the-shits anything goes!


Have A Great Weekend Everyone! Stay Safe and Be Good!

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