New Bern, N.C. (February 2015) – Make Big Noise (MBN) is pleased to announce the official launch of its press release distribution software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for startups, small businesses and busy businesses in the outdoor, shooting sports, military and law enforcement industries. The result of a combined 36 years of Public Relations experience, MBN was developed by Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) to provide manufacturers the opportunity to reach media and news outlets in the markets that matter most to them. All media, from bloggers to editor-in-chiefs, are opted-in and vetted by the MBN staff before receiving a single press release.
“Make Big Noise is a result of our years working with small companies and startups that had really great products to offer but not a lot of money to spend on marketing,” Laura Burgess, co-founder of Make Big Noise and President of Laura Burgess Marketing said.
She continued, “Unlike other PR distribution sites, MBN is completely focused on the outdoors and professional markets with 100% opted-in media. Reaching a quality media list at an affordable price will provide many of these companies with the leg-up they need to play in the big leagues.”
The MBN platform makes it easy for companies to upload and distribute their press releases to specific, dedicated lists of writers. Businesses can learn how to
submit a PR by reading MBN’s PR Tactics & Tips or by watching the tutorial video. Once approved and released, press releases will stream live on the MBN site under the Hear the Noise tab, as well as emailed directly to industry writers covering the markets the website user chooses to select. MBN offers four press release submission packages fit for every budget and market need. Pricing begins as low as $99 for distribution to two markets.
The initial launch of the platform focuses on 21 markets within the
Shooting Sports / Professionals Category, including, but not limited to, Ammunition, Firearms Accessories, Knives, Law Enforcement and various types of firearms and hunting. MBN will open up to the Fishing, Boating and Water Sport Categories in spring 2015, with the Camping and Hiking Categories opening up in early summer 2015. Writers are invited and encouraged to sign up to receive the news that interests them most at

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