Includes an AO Small Chest Rig, 3-Double Decker TACO®s, and Bleeder/Blowout pouch.

In a package that would normally cost 219.00, HSGI put this combo together and offers it for 195!!!. They also improved the chest rig to include a hook covered back, and male 1″ buckles up top for attaching to most plate carriers. This combo also comes with their popular H-Harness to use as a stand alone system. Each pouch comes with the new HSG Clip for ease of installation. This rig is perfect for an active shooter kit, extreme outdoorsman, or the everyday recreational shooter. It can hold a large variety rifle and pistol magazines, totaling 3 each on board. The Bleeder/Blowout Pouch secures the necessary medical equipment every enthusiast should carry.
Available in Woodland, MultiCam, HighLander, Wolf Grey, Black, Olive Drab, and Coyote.

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