Extrema Ration

Extrema Ratio New Police III Emergency Tool

Extrema Ratio, Prato Italy, one of the world’s premier suppliers of tactical tools and cutlery, today announced its new Police III emergency tool and its T-RAZOR. I want to call it a tactical straight-razor but its practical uses reach far beyond addressing that mujahidin look you’re sporting.

The company’s new Police III features a flat ground standard folding blade and a specially designed emergency belt cutter with automatic opening. The knife also features a marlin spike, making child’s play out of loosening difficult knots or working with a variety of ropes. The Police III comes with a glass breaker, pocket clip and Cordura sheath. Great utility knife.


As with everything Extrema makes, you get a top shelf product of uncompromising quality and construction, e un po ‘di stile italiano!

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