MINOX ZP8 1-8 x 24 ENFORCE TAC 2015

minox2-etThe ZP8 1-8×24 tactical optical is German optics manufacturer, MINOX, high end offering to the tactical community. MINOX first introduced the ZP line of optics, which include higher magnification models like the the ZP5 3-15×50 and the ZP5  5-25×56 at IWA 2014. Premium is the operative word here as the ZP8 1-8 X 24mm scope sells in the hefty $2,800 to $3,000 price range; however, you get what you pay for. Reticle illumination is dual mode; offering a day mode and low light mode. In the day, the center dot is illuminated and for low light conditions the reticle is illuminated. Reticle illumination shuts off after 6 continuous hours of use.

MINOX does something that is an interesting departure from the typical tactical scope. They support a dual focal plane where the center dot is in the second focal plane and the reticle is in the first focal plane. I like this! Why? Very simply, it overcomes the problem of loosing the reticle at low magnifications. The center dot keeps the same size and is illuminated to boot, so the shooter always has a solid aiming reference that is visible under all lighting and environmental conditions. The ZP8 also features a true 1x so working in concert with the second focal plane red dot the shooter can keep both eyes open for greater situational awareness.

Other features include adjustable diopter, 10 MRAD single turn elevation turret, 90mm (3.5”) of eye relief and waterproof down to 15 meters.

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