Cam Zink, a professional freeride mountain biker, shares his thoughts on why he likes shooting suppressed.

Fight the Noise is a movement to regain our Voice. To exercise our right to protect our hearing and silence the sound. To be responsible gun owners and be treated as such. We want law­-abiding citizens to have the ability to purchase and own silencers without being subjected to excessive wait times, paperwork, and taxes. We are the silent majority, and it is our time to be heard. We are your Friends. We are your Coworkers. We are The Suppressed™.

We also want you to join the movement. By joining the Fight the Noise movement, you are loudly stating that The Suppressed have had enough. As a way of saying thank you for being part of the Fight the Noise Movement, Silencrco  will send you regular supply drops of #FightTheNoise propaganda and enter you into our monthly suppressor and EasyTrust™ giveaways, the winners of which are chosen solely from members of The Suppressed.


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