Dietary Supplements

clip_image002This Friday’s Shoot-The-Shit topic is dietary supplements and fat burning, appetite suppression and all sorts of claims that border on ludicrous. As with all Shoot-The-Shits, feel free to use profanity, unsupported statements, change the subject. It’s simply a Shoot-The-Shit and a non-billable event.

For example, you can say yeah that’s a crock of shit but the chick looks pretty hot. That’s one way of changing the subject. Alright, so here we go.

When I saw this ad my first thought was that some Mohel in West Hollywood cooked it up. “FORSKOLIN”, what the hell is that foreskin extract – WTF. However, as I read the ad I went from laughing to simply shaking my head.

According to its manufacturer, this product blocks FAT, suppresses appetite, specifically targets belly fat (not ass fat, leg fat, back fat) it’s specific to belly fat. It also manages stress levels and stops emotional eating (which says to me that it has psychotropic properties). This is unbelievable folks! Well, if it has psychotropic properties why does the FDA classify it as a dietary supplement?

In 2008, Los Angeles stopped issuing licenses to new fast food restaurants seeking to open businesses in underprivileged neighborhoods to protect the poor from obesity; yes, you heard that right –  yet this is allowed!

Weight control is a complex issue; there are genetic components; there are psychological components and learned behaviors that translate to eating disorders, all of which need to be treated medically. Weight gain in “normal” healthy individuals is a simple accounting problem. If you ingest a larger number of calories than you expend your body stores it in the form of a lipid that we call fat. It really is that simple. The normal individual, depending on sex and size, needs from 1000 to 2500 calories per day to simply sustain life. If your intake is 5000 calories but all you do is go to work then come home to sit on your ass with your iPhone, or laptop, you will suffer those consequences.

If you do not have a balanced diet, one that provides proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins you will need dietary supplements but your best option is your food source.

Get out, be active, exert yourself, sweat and be fit. You don’t need to crack walnuts with your pectoral muscles or your ass. You simply need to be fit.


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