AXRA3E4-1Microtech is best know for its knives. In 1994 the company founded the Microtech Small Arms Research, or MSAR, division formally entering the firearms manufacturing business. In  2007 MSAR introduced its first rifle, the STG-556. The American made 5.56 x 45 bullpup was patterned after the Steyr AUG A1 with the exception of its M16 style bolt release; however, it did not accept the M16/NATO magazine. Two years later, in 2009, MSAR introduced the STG-556 XM17-E4 which retained the M16 bolt release but this updated version of the STG-556 could also accept the M16 / NATO style magazines.

In a letter to its customers, dated 20 March 2015, MICROTECH formally announced the closing of its MSAR division. MICROTECH’s letter follows:


| 3.20.15 |

It’s been quite the journey. We set out to share our passion for firearms with the industry and deliver an advanced, American-made bullpup rifle and accessories.
Knowing that our focus and energy lately has been directed towards the expansion and evolution of our 20-year knife line, we no longer felt it sustainable for MSAR to remain an active entity in our holdings.
That being said, we’ve begun to liquidate our remaining inventory. The existing inventory will be packaged into parts kits and sold on a limited basis. Contact and ordering information for those kits will be made available in the coming weeks. Repair services have been disabled with the release of this announcement. Rifles currently in our posession will be repaired and returned to the owners.
As the MSAR project comes to a close, arrangements will also be made to offer purchase options for our existing tooling to qualified buyers. Parties who wish to have their interests considered should submit a formal request, including a letter detailing qualifications and a minimum of three (3) industry references to tooling@msarinc.com. Please note that we will not be responding to any service inquiries or general questions sent to this account.
We learned many years ago that our customers are our lifeline; we thank you,, for your tireless loyalty and support of the MSAR line. You’ve given us the chance to explore the world of firearms on a new level, and for that, we’ll be forever grateful.

– The MSAR Team

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  1. dana clay says:

    Well that really stinks, I have one of these guns and paid a lot of money for it. I put it away in the box in my collection and decided to fire it with friends today. It fed three rounds at a time into the chamber most of the time. If i did get it to fire it jammed after the first few rounds. So after being laughed at for having a cool very dangerous weapon I took to the internet only to find you bailed on your product/bailed on your customers? I have never heard of and company doing this and still keeping ht doors open at your other businesses. Shame on you , I’m out $2600 dollars for your incompetence.


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