Have Some Class For God’s Sake



Welcome to our Friday morning shoot-the-shit. A place in cyberspace where you can participate without worrying about correctness. It is that one time during the week where you can offer any opinion without supporting detail. Hell you can even use colorful anachronisms, and your participation yields the same benefits as a licensed therapist without the invoice. Now, for our hand selected topic… Cigars!

Life is becoming much more interesting for those of us who enjoy the occasional maduro or rubio. In years past, if you wanted to enjoy a puro from Cuba you had to get contraband from Canada, Mexico or the EU. The entire world was able to enjoy a good Cuban cigar except for the United States; I’m happy to say those days are coming to an end, and soon an entire generation of previously denied citizens will have the option to enjoy a full-bodied smooth-burning Partagas. When that day arrives live it up but for God’s sake have some class.

About six years ago, two NCOs and my self were sitting around shooting the breeze when a Col (actually an Lt. Col) walks by puffing on a stogie and inhaling the smoke.  All three of us looked at each other wondering who this miscreant was; clearly not West Point, probably worked his way up as a Reeeeeeezzzzzzervvvvvvv. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, under no circumstances should one inhale cigar smoke. A good cigar, like a good anchovy, must be savored. Its smoke should roll around in your mouth and around your tongue so that its smooth and delectable flavor can be fully appreciated.

If you were ever observed inhaling cigar smoke in an upscale cigar room, you would see the concierge hastily walking towards you, with knees rubbing as he walks, and a two degree port list on his head. Upon his arrival, and speaking in a slight British accent, he would say “perhaps the gentleman would be more comfortable outside.” People, inhaling cigar smoke has the same effect as sailing on a port or starboard tack with a jib sheet dragging in the water. Your club’s commodore would be instantly dispatched to suggest berthing arrangements at a public marina!

So, for God’s sake have a little class. Enjoy your weekend. Spend some time with your family and be safe. We’ll see you back on Monday.

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