Is Skynet Coming?

I’m a confirmed early adopter. All my life, I’ve embraced technology and used it extensively as an enabler. I seek knowledge of it, ways to apply it and master it. Others express noticeable timidity, suspicion, and in extreme cases irrational fears of it. So, when people discuss drones, unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, I don’t see the technology as an infringement on privacy, civil liberties or sinister attempts to control the people by governments. Certainly that potential is there, but that’s not my focus or thought process.

Commercial aviation is a good example. Commercial airliners are highly automated; not simply flying to its destination but landing using an ILS system under computer control. Recent  air disasters like Germanwings and MH370 will serve to accelerate increasing restraints on pilot discretion replacing it with stricter computer controls to the degree were someone could take control of the aircraft from the ground. UPS, FedEx and USPS will use UAVs to move cargo and yes, police and government agencies will expand their use.

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit topic is less frivolous than previous choices. I’d like to open the topic up to our readers to hear some of your thoughts. Let’s us know where you stand on the proliferation of UAVs. To seed the discussion, I found a video published by The players raise interesting points, some of which are very well reasoned. I invite you to watch it and lets us know what you think.

Enjoy Your Weekend! Do Something Fun With Your Buds And/Or Family.

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