Our Take On Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

It’s impossible not to sit and wonder what makes an individual summarily kill 149 completely innocent people. In our view, Andreas Lubitz has not only betrayed the solemn responsibility a pilot has for his passengers but in the process set a new standard for the meaning of  genetic defect. Investigators still pouring over the co-pilot’s personal records know that he was seen by at least 6 psychologists and psychiatrists but remain clueless as to his motive. We’ve developed our own theory based on a recent e-mail advertisements.


We believe that upon discovering the availability of online psychology programs, he reached the conclusion that he was hoodwinked, and that he did not need six people to accomplish what he could have done for himself. Feeling cheated, he slipped into a deep depression and fueled with anger decides to end his life. And, since misery loves company he felt justified in taking 149 souls with him. Cockpit voice recordings captured Lubitz’s breathing, which we believe suggest that he was fondling himself all the way to the end. This, we surmise, is the reason for the 8 minute descent.

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