Your Prosciutto Doesn’t Stand A Chance!

The master bladesmiths at Extrema Ratio decided to bring tactical to the kitchen with a professional grade chef’s knife designated the Psycho Series.

The Blades are made from tried-and-tested Böhler N690 steel – enriched with chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and cobalt, tempered to a hardness of HRC 58. The Forprene handles can be fully detached from the blades, enabling thorough cleaning and maintenance. Forprene is an elastomer compliant with NATO standards for weathering extreme conditions.

Each knife comes with its own sheath, also fashioned after military criteria. Sheaths are not designed for food preparation hygiene, but rather for maximum safety in carrying an extremely sharp blade, while shielding it from impacts and preserving its sharpness. Therefore, they recommend only sheathing these kitchen knives for transportation and long-term storage.

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