Looking Ahead…


We’ve had a pretty busy Spring this year with a number of events that will generate articles throughout the summer months. We are also working on some edged weapon reviews from a number of manufacturers, and if you like the Japanese influence of John Williams you’ll want to tune in for that review.

We also want to reintroduce bore sights to our readers as they are particularly valuable in these times when availability of ammunition fluctuates widely and its cost risen dramatically. In discussing bore sights, one gets a sense that the general shooting public considers them a waste of time and money; it’s unfortunate, unfounded and influenced by operator issues and product selection. There are excellent bore sighting tools on the market and we will introduce you to just one. They aren’t inexpensive but they have a very short payback in reduced ammunition costs and platform independence. We’ll have that article up in May.

May also brings a review of one of Magpul Industries’ latest products. Regular readers know that we’ve described Magpul as one of the most innovative manufacturers and designers in the industry and our upcoming review supports that. We’ve also developed a matrix for you to use in determining Magpul product availability. We had a lot of fun with that and we think you’ll enjoy it.

With that, we thank you for being a reader, your comments, critiques and suggestions.

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