Fire-Proof Tracer Ammunition!

Winder, GA, May, 2015G2 Research announces an absolutely revolutionary cold tracer round for handguns.

Through chemical research and applied ignition, G2 Research, the makers of the new R.I.P self-defense round and .300 Ripout Round, have invented a NO HEAT NO FLAME tracer round for the 9mm (.45 ACP coming later). Designed to emit a bright tracer effect for 50-100 yards, testing shows that the round stays visible in the dark up to 200 yards (for anyone who “wants” to shoot a handgun 200 yards in the dark).

Because the new G2 tracer round is a cold tracer that literally emits no heat or flame, shooters can now visually follow training or self-defense rounds in low light or dark conditions without worrying about burning down their range or neighborhood. Now “tracer” ammunition can even be safely fired at indoor ranges with no fear of fire from the tracer element. There is also no damage to the inside of the firearm from tracer component ignition during firing or while in the barrel.

Finally, there’s a dark or near-dark condition round that is tactically smart, safe from starting fires or causing explosions in contaminated conditions – and let’s face it, fun to shoot! Additionally, it can be safely used as a signaling round in forests and other environments when incendiary rounds would be problematic.

This new firearm-and suppressor-friendly round uses a premium-grade, copper-clad 95-grain 9mm bullet. The patented technology for the tracing element can be applied to any type of round and the company is of course looking into that. But for now, it’s available in 9mm custom hardball, and will be offered in .45ACP later.


  • Caliber: 9mm (.45 ACP to follow later in the year)
  • Velocity: 1,150 FPS
  • Bullet: Special 95-grain, cold tracer round
  • MSRP: $19.95 box of 20
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