Gear Review: Magpul’s Illusive MOE SL Buttstock Commercial Spec.


Magpul Industries launched the MOE SL buttstock for the AR patterned rifles back in August of 2014. It rounds out the MOE SL carbine furniture offering.

MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) SL (Slime Line) departs from the original MOE buttstock in a number of significant ways that I like a great deal. Selecting a buttstock for your rifle is akin to buying a pair of shoes; your selection is ultimately based on what works for you; however, within that criteria there are points worth considering.




When I decided to use the term “Illusive” in connection with the MOE SL – Commercial-spec, I was expressing a sense of frustration with the reliability of MAGPUL’s product availability notices.

One of the most difficult things for any business to do is manage success, and Magpul Industries is the classical example of that statement. In fairness to the company and all of its employees, they’ve moved operations out of Colorado and managed to keep supplying customers with a variety of products; however, acquiring a MOE SL Commercial-spec buttstock, after 6 months of reading, “Now shipping to dealers and distributors”, turned out to be quite the task hence “illusive” is appropriate.

When I finally managed to pick one up it was cause for celebration!

To celebrate the event we’ve been working on developing a matrix readers can use to correctly interpret MAGPUL’s product availability notices. We were using some hilarious soundtracks but ran into some technical difficulties embedding the objects and controlling playback so that only one audio clip plays per status. We haven’t given up yet but may have to. It’s worth the effort.

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