Knowing What We Know Now Would You Have…

It’s Friday morning and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit topic. It’s that one moment in time when you can say anything, supported by facts or not, change the subject, insult someone or  change subjects and not be billed by a moron who’s primary reason for studying behavioral sciences was to understand themselves better!

Undoubtedly, you’ve all heard of the flack Jeb Bush has been taking on how he fielded Megan Kelley’s question: “Knowing What We Know Now Would You Have Invaded Iraq?” I like Megan Kelly, but it was a ridiculous question. It’s what I call vaginal reflection. It is the same question a spouse gets asked after he discovers his wife’s excessive flatulence – “Honey would you have still married me had you known I had a bad gas problem?”

Instead of getting at Jeb Bush’s thought process, ethic or decision making criteria, which would be both productive and revealing of the man, it opened the door to criticism by less capable journalists, with clearly hidden agendas, to disparage Jeb using ridiculous arguments  . Does it make any sense to ask someone if they would have played the game had they known they would loose it. Pointless!

Be sure to chime in to let us know what you think. Enjoy your weekend with your buds and family.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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3 Responses to Knowing What We Know Now Would You Have…

  1. Tim says:

    My wife and I were talking the other day and I told her that I’m calling it now… I told her that what I see happening in America’s future is prob not going to be good. I don’t want to start a fight with anyone but I really feel that Hillary will be our next president I don’t see that whatever scandal follows her or whatever comes up in the future will really not matter to people. There are so many people with their heads in the sand and too many people that will vote for a person because of their sex or ethnic background that the real meat of the matter doesn’t really matter to people. I told my wife that I really feel that the guy who is in office now probably wasn’t suppose to be in the position he’s in now but hillarys VP position. I really feel that Hillary was to be present and after her run then he was going to take over ( this giving him the experience he needed) however that didn’t take place for a icon he became. I hope I’m wrong but sometimes gut feelings are right. It’s time to get rid of the Bush and Clintons in office and all the scandals that follows we need someone fresh and make America strong again.


    • Tim it’s still early in the game. I’ve commented many times that what we’ve been seeing in both the executive and legislative branches are individuals pursuing political careers and not an interest in the United States of American and its citizens. I’m generalizing of course,but the overwhelming number aren’t in office for the country and its people. It’s sad to say but I’m afraid it’s true.
      We’re also suffering through a disinterested electorate, which compounds the problem. We have structural problems with the economy and government that are going to bite us in the behind and our attention is being consumed by minutiae.
      The important thing is that families like yours stay on top of the game. Get out and talk about it. Participate don’t quietly accept anything. It’s your path to blaze.
      Thanks for your comment, glad to have you aboard!


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