SOFIC 2015 Comes To A Close


The overwhelming theme at SOFIC 2015 was leveraging the SOF/ Industry partnership to enable SOF and its Blue Force partners to operate and win in a complex world. The world as it exists today is certainly complex and USSOCOM is increasingly called upon to support indigenous forces and conduct kinetic operations in support of national interests and policy. Winning in this geo political milieu will require more than incremental improvements to existing enablers and USSOCOM is looking for generational gains in ISR, C4, C2, operator protection and survivability, signature reduction to include biometrics, fixed wing assets, rotary and ground mobility.

To achieve its goals and objectives, USSOCOM will continue to focus on COTS, Improvements to COTS and co-development partnerships where needed. The small business slice of USSOCOM’s procurement pie is increasing year-to-year. Fiscal 2015 year to date contract awards going to small business is approximately $359 million up from FY 2014. USSOCOM likes small business and wants to do business with small businesses but it will take some work on your part. That work starts with you familiarizing yourself with SOCOM’s needs. To succeed, you’ll need to demonstrate you have that understanding and succinctly articulate how your product or service meets the needs – being a service disabled extraterrestrial won’t do it. They way you gain that knowledge, and develop relationships, is best accomplished by becoming an NDIA member and attending SOFIC.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be processing photos and posting articles revealing some of the emerging technologies that are clear generational improvements so stay with us for that.

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