SOFIC 2015 Component Commanders


One of the more informative sessions was with component commanders. These senior executives and their commands have a great deal on their plates with diminishing resources. At the top of their needs list is recruitment. On the technology side, SOF operators are increasingly confronted by combatants with night vision technology and improved communications. Where SOF once owned the night that tactical advantage is no longer exclusive and component commanders across the board are looking for generational improvements in enablers, not just incremental improvements.

What impressed me most about this distinguished group of military leaders is their commitment to people and their families, the mission and their country. Sadly, increasingly rare qualities.


Unique among the group was Lt. Gen Bradley A. Heithold, USAF, Commanding Officer AFSOC who sees the enemy as his customer and his business as “delivering violence.” George Patton would have described him as being an eloquent bastard. And, like Dominos Pizza, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were working on a web site that allows his customer to track progress

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