SOFIC 2015 Black Dagger MHC, Inc.


As we enter Memorial Day, we pause to remember all of our veterans especially those who gave their lives for their comrades and their country. It’s also important to recognize those who serve our disabled veterans. We live in times were we lose 23 veterans a day to suicide a tragic statistic. At this year’s SOFIC Conference, I was introduced to Black Dagger Military Hunt Club, Inc. by its founder Dave Winters.

Black Dagger MHC, Inc. is a 501c(3) non profit organization dedicated to providing disabled veterans with hunting, fishing and shooting experience. The organization serves wounded veterans from all eras without limitation to when or where they served. They serve veterans with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, loss of limbs and loss of eye sight. Black Dagger works in conjunction with the James A Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Florida, the United States Special Operations Care Coalition, Florida Forestry Department’s Operation Outdoor Freedom and other veteran support agencies.

If a veteran wants to get back to the range or do some fishing and hunting, Black Dagger MHC, Inc. makes it all happen including adaptive equipment like the one shown below…


Black Dagger MHC, Inc. is a unique organization but it needs all of our support. Your help can take any one of several forms: monetary donations, product donations or sponsoring an event. If this is a project that you and your company wish to be a part of, please contact Dave Winters at

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