Command Arms Introduces Gun Shot Counter For Your Favorite Glocks

CAA’s Gun Shot Counter, GSC, is the smallest shot counting and recording device for GLOCK Gen 1-3 pistols on the market today.

Tullytown, Pa. (May 2015) – CAA USA unveiled the ultimate upgrade for GLOCK shooters who want to improve their time between shots, increase accuracy and maintain a complete record of shot counts for pistol maintenance and personal performance levels.

The Secubit GSC Gun Shot counter is a miniature counting device that records the number of shots fired by detecting gun vibration and shock. It is capable of recording up to 500,000 shots. The device records the exact date and time, the time between shots fired (split time) and the rate of fire so as to provide the shooter with the necessary data to improve accuracy. The GSC can be used in all GLOCK  Gen 1-3 pistols including the models 17, 18, 19, 22, 23  and others.

The GSC fits into the grip pocket of the GLOCK pistol without affecting grip ergonomics or comfort. Made of durable polymer with a slide in lock for a secure fit, the GSC contains advanced software that automatically collects and stores gunfire data which can be extracted through an Android device or a PC platform through a USB cable. It also includes a user-replaceable CR1632 battery with a 2-year life.

GSC Gun Shot Counter Specifications:

  • Height:                 2.25 inches
  • Width:                  0.81 inches
  • Depth:                  0.25 inches
  • Weight:                0.32 oz.
  • MSRP:                  $99.99
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