Reader Question: What Are Some Other Hacks?

Tony asked if I could identify other types of hacks. Hacks are numerous and can be quite elaborate so it’s difficult for me to alert you to more specific techniques. One that is particularly insidious, that’s not really a hack, but worth discussing is Bluetooth connectivity hacks, and individuals with Bluetooth capabilities on their smart device are particularly at risk if not cognizant of their exposure. The following is JUST ONE example…

Most late model automobiles have touch screens and are equipped with Bluetooth support to facilitate hands-free operation of the driver’s 3G or 4G smart device. This is true of rental cars as well as your personal vehicle.

If not configured correctly, the automobile’s computer will download call logs and contact lists from your smart device once a phone is connected via Bluetooth. This will usually happen automatically and in the background. They will also synchronize text messaging, referred to a SMS. This is a treasure trove of information that includes personal as well as business related data. It may even include credit card numbers and social security numbers.

So, to avoid inadvertent synchronization of your smart device’s data, ensure that its Bluetooth  support is disabled. Limit your data and voice activity to the 3G and 4G network which is encrypted.

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