You Decide (A Poll)

Given how completely screwed-up things are, making it through another week is in and of itself cause for celebration; so, yes we’re excited that another weekend is upon us, and as always a good weekend deserves a good shoot-the-shit. This week’s shoot-the-shit takes on the form of a poll, but first some background.

Current period commercial ads are increasingly more and more  remarkable. We have a guy  looking to wart medication and at 10x fast forward the ad suggests you discontinue usage if you experience bleeding of the brain or your ass slams shut.

Then there’s the Tena commercial with two women screaming lyrics “it’s finally happened to me” I guess celebrating how great it is to leak in their pads. I can think of a couple of things that hasn’t happened to them, but… You know what I’m tawkin about here (as Dice Clay would say)!

It seems the only decent and informative commercial on the air is the Koch commercial, until we more closely scrutinized the video. We present a section of the video below and ask that you decide.

So here’s our poll

Have a great weekend everyone! Spend time with your family, go to the range and send some lead downrange or hang out with your buds!

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